Hydraulic vertical capstan

Purse Seine Winches are used to cast and draw fishing nets in small fishing boats. The two reels are equipped with separate brake systems, allowing them to be operated separately. The Hydraulic vertical capstan is made of 304 stainless steel, and surface coated in JOTUN paint to guarantee an outstanding corrosion resistance.

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Code DJ0010057 DJ0010051 DJ0010054
Model JWQ-120/30 JWQ-180/30 JWQ-450/30
Rated speed (first layer) 15m/min 30m/min 15m/min
Rated load (second layer) 300KN 600KN 900KN
Medium layer speed 30m/min - 30m/min
Medium layer load 130KN 180KN 450KN
Flow rate 229L/min - 494L/min
Working pressure 140bar 155bar 200bar
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