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Customers Story
POLAR has been cooperating with JESSN since 2010 for the manufacturing of trawl doors. Together we have developed 3 series: bottom trawl doors, semi-pelagic trawl doors and pelagic trawl doors. POLAR oversees the design, technology support, and international advertising, while JESSN is tasked with production and marketing. To date, the trawl doors have been exported in large quantities throughout Russia, America, South Africa, Thailand, India, and other countries. Customers have provided positive feedback.
Hironaka is a well-known Japanese company involved in marine engineering and design. They have been purchasing marine products from JESSN since 2008. Up to June 2018, Hironaka has purchased over 100 JESSN products, including sludge removing vessels, cargo ships, etc. The largest sand-suction equipment sold in Asia is designed by Hironaka and produced by JESSN. Since 2016, 90% of the Japanese marine engineering market has been occupied by JESSN.
Gilontas Ocean Co. is the world’s largest tuna longline fishing company and owns 150 working vessels and many longline fishing vessels all around the world. In the past, they have adopted machines from America, but soon discovered quality problems and a lack of satisfactory after-sales service. Since 2015, Gilontas has been working with JESSN for single super spool equipment and the orders have been increasing over the years.